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                                                        ABOUT ME


     Welcome!  I am a Level I and Level II certified Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, also certified in NLP and Reiki.  Being a coach does not mean that I claim to have a perfect life.  I have, however, always been a student of self development practices, teachings and modalities.  I was introduced to the particular technique of EFT by the very inspiring spiritual teacher and author, Gabrielle Bernstein.  I tried it out and was amazed by the instant energy transformation that I experienced.  I was already a lover of prayer, meditation, yoga, law of attraction and on and on, but the tapping shifts were so fast and so extreme!  I began to research everything that I could, from personal testimonials of people who had no idea why it works, to the fact findings of scientists.  

    I started to introduce tapping to my two young daughters. They thought it was a little strange, but they trusted me. EFT has absolutely helped them through some difficult life challenges, as well as the average childhood ups and downs. Imagine taking the sting out of upsetting situations immediately instead of carrying pain and trauma for years or decades.  Being introduced to this tool as children and teens is a blessing, but EFT can be learned at any age.  Over and over again adults are succeeding in collapsing issues in a few sessions that they have been battling for much of their adult lives. I can help with getting over hurdles big and small, but the best part is that tapping is a tool that I can teach you to use yourself...anytime!  

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